Monday, July 13, 2009

Maybe "Retro" Marketing is the Way to Go

I received in the mail recently from a colleague a pitch for business on his company letterhead. At first I thought it odd that he was sending me a letter. But when I gave it more consideration, I found it to be a great idea! With all of the new social media tools available to us as marketers and communicators, the traditional ways of reaching prospective customers have been pushed to the side. While social media certainly has a place in the marketing strategy portfolio, especially with certain audiences, the "old" way of doing business has not lost its place.

I am desensitized by all the bombardment of emails and texts and Facebook entries to the point where I don't really pay attention to all of them. It is overload. But a simple letter, written well, in the shrinking pile of mail I receive got my full attention. I don't know if it was my colleague's intent to use direct mail in such a way, but it was definitely effective.

Clever marketing and communication strategies should include a variety of ways to reach potential customers. Direct mail has not lost its place. Call and find out how we can help you match traditional and newer social media tactics to your needs!

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