Friday, June 12, 2009

What Position Must You Have to Nourish a Cause?

My family was in Disney World recently on vacation. As Disney fanatics, we decided to do some behind the scenes activities on this trip beyond the theme parks. One of things impressed upon me as we learned more about the life of Walt Disney was his incredible rags to riches story.

What influence someone of his stature could have on the world around him. It made me wonder if you have to have such a position to lead a charge and nourish a cause. My conclusion is while it can't hurt, anyone is in a position to nourish a cause if you just open your eyes to the world around you. In our own individual spheres of influence, we can make a difference.

I keep a quote on my desk someone gave to me several years ago. It essentially says that when you pray for more influence and reponsibility to honor God, he will bring opportunities and people into your can trust that God will never send someone that you cannot help without His leadership and strength.

With the summer stretched out ahead of me, I have my eyes open to new opportunities to nourish a cause. My name may not be Disney, but I hope to find fresh ways to connect for-profit and non-profit organizations to make this part of the world a better place.