Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Don't Forget the Blog or the Cause

New year, new resolutions. My first resolution being to get back on track blogging. Has it really been three months? And while I may have been ignoring the blog, I have not been ignoring the desire to nourish a cause. One example of strength that comes from numbers I fould just last month. I ran across the Modest Needs Foundation -- a group that uses grassroots pull to attract thousands of donations to help people meet needs in the short run. When you read about this organization, it is amazing what a few dollars pooled with other people's money can mean to those in need. We all spend $10 on eating lunch out once a week. That same $10 can go toward helping someone pay a rent shortfall, fix a car, cover unexpected medical expenses. The list goes on. When you visit the Modest Needs Foundation Web site, you can click through all of the various needs, see how much someone needs to address a crisis and make a contribution. The site appears to be well documented and verified as legit. Take a look at the site, and see what you can do to help the cause. Not a bad new year's resolution.